Useful Information for Buyers and Sellers

Web Sites of Interest

There are so many useful web sites available today that it can be difficult to choose the right one.  To help in your selection, here are a few sites that have been found to be reliable and useful.

How to make your home more appealing to a potential buyer (or tenant)

  • Curb appeal is so important - trim bushes, edge planted areas and plant seasonal flowers
  • Make your home welcoming with a new doormat and a sturdy (and clean) storm door.
  • Give your driveway a seal coat
  • Put away tools, toys and out of season decorations
  • Put up a new mailbox
  • Make sure all outside lighting is functional and attractive
  • Interior lighting should be soft, homey, and well placed
  • Make sure the number of your home is clearly visible from the street
  • Clean your gutters if necessary
  • Fix any peeling paint 
  • Power wash vinyl siding and have windows professional cleaned
  • Don’t overdo with scented candles or potpourri - buyers think you are covering up something
  • Set your dining room table with pretty dishes and a seasonal centerpiece
  • Make sure your home is light and bright - open those drapes
  • Clean off all counters and get matching towels for the bath rooms
  • Organize those closets so they appear large and easy to use
  • Cellars and attics should be odor free and not so crowded that a buyer can’t see anything
  • Buyers are more interested in homes that are bright and shiny clean
  • If you have pets, remove all hair and odors
  • Make sure the litter box is cleaned every day
  • Clean up any pet waste that may be in the yard

Walk through your home as if you were a visiting for the first time. Pay attention to traffic patterns; are they awkward - could some furniture be moved to make it flow better? How is the lighting? What does your eye go to in each room?  Is it really what you want them to notice first? Perhaps as an example, your beer can collection is too distracting and should be put away for the duration. You want buyers to look at your home, not your “stuff”. 
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