Seller Information and Choosing the Right Agent

Considering selling your home in the next six months?  In a market as volatile as it is now, it is critical to choose the right agent to fully represent you and bring about a transaction that is as worry-free as possible.  It takes a lot more than placing a sign in your yard or an ad on the internet.  It takes a plan with both seller and listing agent acting as a team with a common goal.  You have enough stress in your life and you don’t need an inexperienced agent adding to it.  

When you choose Carollee Hayward as your listing agent, you can depend on a proven marketing plan that will be tailored to your needs. 

A typical marketing plan would include:

  • Prior to the first appointment, Carollee will get copies of your deed, tax card and assessment data.
  • Together you will tour the property room by room and walk around the exterior.  If necessary, she will make constructive suggestions to help make your home more appealing to a prospective buyer.  Resolving these issues is purely voluntarily, but could affect the marketing time and the ultimate price of your home.
  • You will need to identify personal items that will be included in the sale such as window treatments, ceiling fans, light fixtures, etc.
  • Together you will then discuss your objectives relative to time-line, pricing, etc. Carollee will go over the NH Realtor approved listing and disclosure forms.  
  • We will establish showing procedures for your home.  This is very important and the more flexible you can be, the quicker the property will sell.  
  • Together we will review recent sales in your neighborhood, or if not available, other homes similar to yours.
  • Once we have agreed on the price and listing procedures, we will execute the listing contract and disclosure forms.
  • A picture is worth a thousand words, so Carollee will take the time to get the best photos of your property.  Buyers like to see lots of photos before deciding to visit a property. 
  • Your property will immediately be entered into the Multiple Listing Service where it will be sent to hundreds of sites including, Zillow, and Trulia.
  • With your permission, Carollee will send out “Just Listed” cards to give your neighbors a heads-up that a property is available in their neighborhood.  Many times, one of them has a friend who has expressed interest in moving to your area.
  • Every thirty days Carollee will review the market to ensure you are still in line with competing properties.  If the market has shifted, a price reduction will be recommended.  
  • All offers will be communicated to you in a timely fashion and each offer will be negotiated with your best interests in mind.  Carollee is an experienced negotiator and knows what works and what doesn’t.  Any contingencies in the offer will be researched and discussed so there are no “surprises” later.
  • When necessary Carollee will attend the buyer’s home inspection and will work with the lender’s appraiser to get any information necessary to help ensure a price consistent with the Purchase and Sale Agreement. 
  • Prior to closing, Carollee will review the closing documents and attend the passing of title to ensure that all details of the Purchase and Sale Agreement have been addressed.
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